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On 7th April 2007, I will be running the North Pole Marathon and raising money for CARE International.  

This website tells you about the race, how to sponsor me, news on my training including trips to Norway and Sweden, and some details on the equipment I will be using.

MARATHON COMPLETED !!!!  I completed the course at 9:15am on Saturday 7th April after 5 hr 29min of running.  A diary of the trip is on "the race" page, and a detailed account of the maraton itself on the "race report".  Pictures are at North_pole_pictures_1.htm and  North_pole_pictures_2.htm.   Sounds of walking on the ice are at Ice_sounds.htm and GPS tracks of the ice drifting during the race are at GPS Tracks.htm


I am running the North Pole Marathon to raise money for CARE International.  After living overseas and travelling extensively over many years, I am keen to support ways of lifting people and their communities out of long term poverty.  CARE International has many programmes which address long term health and welfare improvements, and has an excellent reputation.  All funds raised go to CARE International and no deductions are made for the cost of the trip.  I would also like to thank BP who are kindly providing additional donations under their matched giving scheme.

For further details of CARE International, their website is  I attach links to two  case studies illustrating their work on longer term developments  :- 

  Niger  :- 

  Ethopia :-

The total amount raised is set to exceed 15,000 which is fantastic.  A huge thank you to all my sponsors.

The North Pole Marathon

The North Pole Marathon is a truly unique event, and is held on the ice cap at the geographic North Pole.  About 40 competitors will fly from Spitsbergen up onto the ice, and run the 26.2 miles in temperatures of circa -25 C around a marked circuit.  The circuit size depends on the state of the ice and weather, but it will probably be two to three miles long.  The running conditions can vary from hard, uneven ice to soft snow, and it is likely that snowshoes will be required.  The extreme cold and potential for high winds mean that a layered clothing system plus windproof outer shell is required on the legs and torso,  and a balaclava, hat, face mask and goggles for the head.  Further information including videos, who is competing and how to enter can be found at  If you are interested in learning more about the North Pole itself, then this Wikipedia North Pole page is a helpful start.

Training, Equipment and Other Links

Information about my training including trips to Oslo and Sweden with photographs :- NP_Training.htm

Details of equipment, including pictures and how it worked in practice :- Equipment.htm

Radio interview with Southern Counties Radio on 20th March 2007 :- Radio_Interview.htm

Details of the overall trip including links to the race report and photographs:- Race_diary.htm

Contacting me

To contact me, email me at