North Pole Marathon - First Snowshoe Run & Equipment Photos

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Link to my equipment list including commentary on how the items worked in practice :- Equipment_list.htm


My first snowshoe run !

Sunbury, 8th Feb 2007, Sunbury on Thames, London.  Three inches of snow fell, and so I got to work early to get in my first snowshoe run round the Meadhurst sports ground before it melted.  For the same effort as running on the flat, I was 2 min/mile slower.

Getting used to the motion

The snowshoe tugs at the quads as the leg comes forward .... and the tail of the shoe flicks up the snow.  You can also see the flex joint of the snowshoe in action.  Overall, they were very comfortable .... but three miles at -1C  is very different to twenty six at -25 C

Arctic Running Kit

Insulated, windproof trousers over a  thermal base layer

Goretex trail shoes with two layers of socks (thick + thin)

Lightweight, Goretex jacket over a Merino wool fleece and wicking thermal base layer

Goretex mittens worn with liner gloves


Balaclava with neck gaiter

Goggles over neoprene face mask

The integral, close fitting hood on the Goretex jacket is an important part of keeping warm

Breathing .... hmmmm ...that is going to be a challenge !

Neoprene face mask

Designed to keep the wind out.  With luck, the conditions will let me run without this.


UV resistant and breathable.  Again, I am hoping that the conditions will let me run without them.

Atlas Dual-Trac Super Light Racing Snowshoes

The frames are aluminium, and the toe fittings are spring loaded onto the frame to keep the heel centred, and enable a natural stride.  Titanium toe crampons below the toe fittings provide excellent grip.