Training for the North Pole Marathon

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I started my training for the North Pole Marathon in June 2006.  Although I was running regularly at the time, my fitness had slipped.  In the autumn of 2006 I completed two marathons to get back into full long distance fitness.  After a recovery period, I started heavier training in December with higher mileage to establish base endurance.  This programme was very successful, and I established new personal best times for the marathon (3hr 11min 52sec, Abingdon) and half marathon (1hr 24min 44sec, Wokingham).

In March, I travelled firstly to Oslo to train in snowshoes on cross country ski trails.  A week later I went  to Kiruna in northern Sweden to both celebrate my wife's birthday, and get some colder snowshoe training in Arctic conditions.  I also did long runs in the sandy horse trails of Windsor Great Park.  The snowshoe training was very beneficial to me ... but it also carries risks of injury from the different stresses it places on the back, hips and hamstrings in patricular.

Training diary :- NP_Training_Diary.htm and plot of progress by week :- Training plot.htm

Pictures and a diary from Oslo :- Oslo.htm

Pictures and a diary from Arctic training in Sweden :- Sweden.htm