Spitzbergen, Pre Marathon Pictures

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Pictures from Spitzbergen ... the first stop before we head to the North Pole on 6th April

Tromso airport

De-icing, in transit from Oslo to Longyearbyen


First sight from the air

Longyearbyen airport

Arriving to -12 deg C and cold winds

Our next plane

The Antonov AN-74 which will take us to the North Pole

Longyearbyen airport

Posing by a polar bear, waiting for baggage

Our hotel

Radisson SAS, more comfortable than it looks

Longyearbyen town

Looking up the icy high street

Longyearbyen town

View down the hight street

First time for many in snow shoes

The Standard Chartered Bank team in good humour

Snow shoe trials

Seven competitors trying it out & confusing the locals

Colder conditions for final check run

7am, 5th April -16 deg C and 10 m/s (ca 20 knots) wind which is equivalent to -38 C with windchill

View up the road, blowing spindrift

My final run was an easy pace 4 miler to check equipment in colder, windy conditions - all fine & kept me warm


Hat removed to pose for the photo


Well wrapped up


Richard Donovan giving the pre race briefing.

44 people from 22 nations are taking part

The race is due to start as soon as conditions allow, and could be underway shortly before midnight on Friday 6th .... the benefit of 24 hr daylight.

Miles ... number 18

In 24 hr we will be on the ice ....

Patrick ... number 19

Calling all runners ..... your start time is approaching

Longyearbyen Church

 The most elegant building in town

View over Longyearbyen

Looking across town .... not as beautiful as its surroundings